Articles Related to Vietnam War fiction

The Invisible Moon by J. Robert DiFulgo

November 10, 2014

J. Robert DiFulgo served in the United States Navy for three years, including two tours of duty in Da Nang during the Vietnam War. He taught government and politics in the Fairfax County Schools, Virginia, for…

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There Will Be Killing by John L. Hart and Olivia Rupprecht

November 5, 2014

John L. Hart, the co-author of There Will Be Killing: A Novel of War and Murder  (The Story Plant,  350 pp., $14.95, paper, $9.99, e book),  has been a practicing psychotherapist for more than forty years.…

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Stone Island by Richard Baker

November 4, 2014

Richard Baker served with the 4th Infantry Band in Vietnam, and has suffered, he tells us, "a lifelong battle with PTSD.”  He’s the author of the novel, Incoming: The Piteous Recognition of Slaughter , which…

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Her Own Vietnam by Lynn Kanter

November 3, 2014

Lynn Kanter, the author of Her Own Vietnam (Shade Mountain Press, 211 pp, $18.95, paper), works as a writer for the Center for Community Change, a social justice organization, and has written two previous novels.…

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Hearts, Minds, and Coffee by Kent Hinckley

October 16, 2014

Kent Hinckley served in Army Intelligence in Vietnam. His novel, Hearts, Minds, and Coffee: A Vietnam Peace Odyssey (Reyall, 282 pp., $14.95, paper), begins in January of 1970. The author informs us that “the time period…

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Restless Hearts by Dennis Baker

September 26, 2014

Dennis Baker,   who spent twenty-eight years in the Navy, has chosen a unique way to honor a group of service members who died in uniform: his book Restless Hearts: What If Fallen Heroes Could Go Home?…

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The Lotus and the Storm by Lan Cao

September 25, 2014

Lan Cao is a professor at the Dale Fowler School of Law at Chapman University and the author of the novel Monkey Bridge . Robert Olen Butler calls her “one of our finest American writers, " saying that her…

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Incoming by Richard E. Baker

August 20, 2014

I Richard E. Baker served with the 4th Infantry Division Band in the Vietnam War. According to his novel, Incoming: The Piteous Recognition of Slaughter (Stephen Banks, 214 pp., $12, paper) the author "has suffered…

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At the Altar of War by Alan Cutter

July 10, 2014

Alan Cutter grew up in a pastor’s family. He served on active duty in the U.S. Navy for five years. In late 1972, he was commissioned an Ensign and went to Vietnam where he worked in…

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Walter Dean Myers, 1937-2014

July 9, 2014

The noted, award-winning children's book author Walter Dean Myers  died July 1 at age 76. Myers wrote more than a hundred books during his long career. Among the most notable was the YA title,  Fallen Angels…

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