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In Memoriam

Our VVA and AVVA membership both past and present are utmost important to our organization and the rich history they bring. Our members who have died have not been forgotten and remain as integral part of the history of Vietnam Veterans of America and Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America. These men and women have made what VVA and AVVA is today and continues to be. It in this vein, that we want to honor their memory and legacy by publishing their obituary narratives as they have been collected and written. Some are more complete than others depending on the information that was provided to the National Chaplain. It is the intent of this site to post all the narratives that have been collected since we started publishing the TAPS column. Please note that we did not start TAPS column at the beginning of our organization but only many years later and there will be many whose names will not appear but their memory nevertheless lives on. Please remember these men and women who have given so much to make VVA and AVVA what it is today – “one generation of Veterans not leaving another behind.”

salois,phil2010Father Phil Salois, M.S.
VVA National Chaplain
VVA Book of Prayers and Services [downloadable PDF]
Our TAPS feature below contains obituary narratives for many of our remembered friends:




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