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Agent Orange & Dioxin Committee Update November/December 2021
BY MAYNARD KADERLIK, CHAIR The committee conducted meetings to discuss issues that affect veterans and P.L.114-315, The Jeff Miller and Richard Blumenthal Veterans Health…

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Agent Orange & Dioxin Committee Update September/October 2021
BY MAYNARD KADERLIK, CHAIR If you haven’t filed for the recent three added Agent Orange presumptives, do that soon. They are bladder cancer, hypothyroidism,…

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Agent Orange & Dioxin Committee Update July/August 2021
BY MAYNARD KADERLIK, CHAIR Since my last column, some things have been moving along. The AO Committee had a Zoom meeting April 8 and…

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The Toxic Exposure Research Act (TERA)

Our last battle is for the future generations of innocents. We will go to our graves without honor if we abandon the future generations. If we lose this battle for P.L. 114-315, the child victims die without recognition of their veteran ancestors' service causations.... How many generations must suffer? Our human dignity is at stake. The world will benefit from this research. Download the petition and gather signatures before the National Convention in Greensboro, NC.

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