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Minority Affairs Committee Update July/August 2021
BY GUMERSINDO GOMEZ, CHAIR I am indebted to the delegates at the 2019 VVA National Convention who supported MA-15, the Korean American Vietnam War…

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Minority Affairs Committee Update May/June 2021
BY GUMERSINDO GOMEZ, CHAIR On April 13 the veterans of the all-Puerto Rican 65th Infantry Regiment were honored with their own National Borinqueñeer’s Day.…

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Minority Affairs Committee Update March/April 2021
BY GUMERSINDO GOMEZ, CHAIR I’d like to share the highlights of the past two years. Coming out of the 2019 Convention in Spokane, we…

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Chair: Minority Affairs

Contact: ggomez@vva.org


Diversity Award

The Vietnam Veterans of America Minority Affairs Committee Diversity Award recognizes outstanding achievement by an individual, business or organization in the promotion of diversity within the veteran’s community.

All nominees must have made a significant contribution to the advancement of diversity and to the mission statement of the VVA. Considered contributions may include, but are not limited to, initiatives and programs that advance harmony and respect, improve social justice, human rights and cultural awareness.

The award represents specific efforts and achievements that develop a culture and an environment in which diversity is valued.