Oral History

There and Back by Lisa A. Lark

August 30, 2015

Lisa A. Lark, the author of There and Back: The Vietnam War Through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It (M.T. Publishing Company, Inc., 136 pp., $39.95), also has written All They Left Behind: Legacies…

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Tours of Duty Edited by Michael Lee Lanning

July 11, 2014

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Michael Lee Lanning is one of the most prolific Vietnam veteran writers. Many of his twenty-one military-themed nonfiction books deal with the Vietnam War. That includes the well-received memoirs he wrote about…

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Our Sons, Our Heroes by Linda Jenkin Costanzo

June 25, 2014

Gold Star Mothers are the mothers whose sons (or daughters) didn’t come home from war. Their Vietnam War stories are documented in an oral history from Linda Jenkin Constanzo, Our Sons, Our Heroes: Memories Shared…

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The Boys of Benning edited by Dan Telfair

March 27, 2014

The Boys of Benning  (Authorhouse, 384 pp., $19.95, paper) is a tribute to fifteen 1962 Fort Benning OCS graduates. The co-editors---Dan Telfair, Zia Telfair, and Thomas B. Vaughn---say they have done more proofreading than editing. The…

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Welcome Home by Ross Lewis

March 14, 2014

Ross Lewis's Welcome Home: A Monument to Honor: An American Tribute to Vietnam Veterans (216 pp., paper, $37) is a large-format, heavily illustrated book that is a part of a wider project to---as Ross puts it---"foster…

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West of Hue by James P. Brinker

February 27, 2014

James P. Brinker's West of Hue: Down the Yellow Brick Road (BookSurge, 354 pp., $20.99 paper, $2.99, Kindle) is a Vietnam War memoir that centers on the author's tour of duty with a recon platoon in…

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Vietnam to Western Airlines by Bruce Cowee

February 25, 2014

One of the missions of Vietnam Veterans of America since its founding in 1978 has been to counteract stereotypically negative images of Vietnam veterans in the news and entertainment media. That's also the mission of…

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Hidden Army by Lawrence Rock

September 15, 2013

  VVA member Lawrence Rock was a sergeant in the U. S. Marine Corps from 1964-67. He is the editor of a previous book on Vietnam War support troops, The Tooth and the Tail . …

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Hog’s Exit by Gayle L. Morrison

July 4, 2013

“Hog” was the call sign of CIA operative Jerry Daniels, portrayed as a beloved, though rather mysterious, hero by Gayle L. Morrison in her able oral history, Hog’s Exit: Jerry Daniels, the Hmong, and the…

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The Things They Cannot Say by Kevin Sites

February 5, 2013

Kevin Sites's The Things They Cannot Say: Stories Soldiers Won't Tell You About What They've Seen, Done or Failed to Do In Wa r (Harper Perennial, 336 pp., $15.99, paper) uses the voices of eleven…

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