Radiant Angel by Nelson DeMille

June 1, 2015

Nelson DeMille is one great storyteller. And he has been for three decades. The former Vietnam War 1st Cavalry Division lieutenant has been producing compelling, page-turning, plot-twisting mystery/thrillers with regularity since the Vietnam-War-themed Word of Honor…

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Titanic’s Resurrected Secret–HEW by J. Robert DiFulgo

May 13, 2015

J. Robert Di Fulgo served in the United States Navy for three years during the Vietnam War. A retired teacher, he’s the author of The Invisible Moon , a Vietnam War novel. Titanic's Resurrected Secret---HEW (iUniverse,…

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Second Watch by J. A. Jance

October 15, 2013

Second Watch (William Morrow, 368 pp., $26.99, ) is the twenty-first mystery in the best-selling J. P. Beaumont series written by Jance, a woman who lives in Seattle and Tucson and who grew up in Bisbee,…

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U-Tapao Royal Thai Naval Air Base Series—II and III by Leonard H. Le Blanc III

March 22, 2013

Leonard H. Le Blanc III served in the U. S. Air Force and the U. S. Navy. He has lived and worked in Thailand since 1991. It would appear that Le Blanc has used his…

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Loved Honor More by Sharon Wildwind

March 8, 2013

Sharon Wildwind's Loved Honor More (Five Star, 394 pp., $25.95) is the latest in a series of her Elizabeth Pepperhawk/Avivah Rosen mysteries. The author, who  spent a year in Vietnam as an officer in the…

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The Dryline by Jack Grubbs

March 2, 2012

The Dryline (The Small Press, $16.99, paper) is the second book by Retired Army Brigadier General Jack Grubbs in his Seiler Murder Mystery Series, a projected trilogy. Grubbs served two tours in Vietnam and did 35…

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Trouble at Puma Creek by Wesley Murphey

November 9, 2011

Wesley Murphey, who served four years in the submarine service between 1974 and 1979,  says he’s always had a fascination with the Vietnam War. Perhaps that is because he just missed taking part in it.  His mystery/thriller,…

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A Homeless Man’s Burden by Wesley Murphey

August 22, 2011

A Homeless Man’s Burden (Lost Creek Books, 306 pp., $15.95, paper) is a conservative Christian mystery novel by Wesley Murphey, a Navy submarine veteran who served from 1975-79. A homeless man dies under an Oregon…

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The Rich and the Dead, edited by Nelson DeMille

June 8, 2011

Best-selling novelist (and Vietnam veteran) Nelson DeMille was chosen this year by the Mystery Writers of America to edit (and choose the selections for) <I>The Rich and the Dead<$> (Grand Central, 384 pp., $24.99, hardcover;…

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