Trouble at Puma Creek by Wesley Murphey | Books in Review

Wesley Murphey, who served four years in the submarine service between 1974 and 1979,  says he’s always had a fascination with the Vietnam War. Perhaps that is because he just missed taking part in it.  His mystery/thriller, Trouble at Puma Creek: A Vietnam Vet, A Deadly Hunt (Lost Creek Books, 340 pp., $15.95, paper) deals
with the 1980 murder by a rogue Oregon State trooper of Roger Bruington, a Vietnam veteran.

The veteran was killed because he had discovered a suspicious shack in the forest. Or was it because he had discovered a government cover-up of proof that the American POWs were being held in Vietnam?  A Korean War veteran, Detective Jim Dowdy, is on the case.

This suspense novel is set in the mountains near Dexter, Oregon, and the author displays skill and familiarity with this region and its people. This thriller maintained suspense well and kept this reader’s interest.

For more info, go to the Lost Creek Books website .

—David Willson

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