Short Stories

Eating With Veterans by Michael Lund

August 31, 2015

Michael Lund served in the U. S. Army as a correspondent in Vietnam, 1970-71. He is the author of a memoir,  Route 66 to Vietnam: A Draftee’s Story,   and a book of short stories,…

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Night Flares by Robert M. Pacholik

April 7, 2014

Robert M. Pacholik's Night Flares: Six Tales of the Vietnam War (Action-Adventure Press, $3.50, e book) is a work of fiction “based on eye-witness accounts of real events, ” as the author puts it. The great…

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Loose Ends by Jim Zitzelsberger

April 4, 2014

Jim Zitzelsberger served as a Navy Seabee. The stories in his book, Loose Ends: Stories Started During the Vietnam War (Moki Lane, 210 pp., $19.95, paper: $9.99, Kindle), are mostly lighthearted,  semi-autobiographical tales of Seabees…

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Redeployment by Phil Klay

April 2, 2014

Phil Klay is a former Marine who served in Iraq. He says the dozen stories in his new best-selling, critically acclaimed book,  Redeployment (Penguin, 304 pp., $26.95), are partly autobiographical. These are not Johnny-one-note stories,…

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Nightmare Range by Martin Limon

October 18, 2013

I can’t say it better than Lee Child:  “Martin Limon is one of the best military writers ever. His stories are addictive entertainment today---and valuable slices of history tomorrow.”  The two protagonists on the seventeen…

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Love Beneath the Napalm by James D. Redwood

October 16, 2013

On the back cover of Love Beneath the Napalm  (University of Notre Dame Press, 200 pp., $24), a beautifully designed short story collection by James D. Redwood, we are informed that the author "taught English in…

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Flashes of War: Short Stories by Katey Schultz

June 7, 2013

Katey Schultz grew up in Portland, Oregon. She says in her book's Epilogue that she has "no immediate ties to the military.” After reading her Flashes of War: Short Stories  (Apprentice House, 188 pp., $16.95,…

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The Moral Life of Soldiers by Jerome Gold

April 28, 2013

Jerome Gold, who served in the U. S. Army Special Forces during the Vietnam War, divides his book,   The Moral Life of Soldiers  (Black Heron Press, 270 pp., $16.95, paper),  into two sections. Part…

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Don’t Mean Nothin: Vietnam War Stories by John Mort

April 24, 2013

John Mort served with the First Cavalry Division as a point man and RTO in Vietnam in 1969-70. Five of the dozen stories in his latest book, Don't Mean Nothin: Vietnam War Stories (Stockton Lake,…

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Minimal Damage by H. Lee Barnes

April 5, 2013

Minimal Damage: Stories of Veterans , a collection of short fiction by H. Lee Barnes which we reviewed in the March/April 2008 printed edition of The VVA Veteran, is now out in paperback (University of Nevada…

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