Articles Related to Vietnam War fiction

Chita Quest by Brinn Colenda

May 12, 2014

The publisher tells us that Chita Quest (Southern Yellow Pine Publishing, 288 pp., $14.95, paper) is a novel about “one man’s search for his POW/MIA father.”  Actually, two sons have serious involvement in this search for…

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Night Flares by Robert M. Pacholik

April 7, 2014

Robert M. Pacholik's Night Flares: Six Tales of the Vietnam War (Action-Adventure Press, $3.50, e book) is a work of fiction “based on eye-witness accounts of real events, ” as the author puts it. The great…

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Loose Ends by Jim Zitzelsberger

April 4, 2014

Jim Zitzelsberger served as a Navy Seabee. The stories in his book, Loose Ends: Stories Started During the Vietnam War (Moki Lane, 210 pp., $19.95, paper: $9.99, Kindle), are mostly lighthearted,  semi-autobiographical tales of Seabees…

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Against the War by Roland Menge

March 19, 2014

Roland Menge informs us that Against the War (Amazon Digital Services, $9.99, Kindle)  is a historical novel. It examines the response of the Vietnam War generation to the Vietnam War. The novel closely follows the lives…

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First Light by Chuck Gross

March 7, 2014

Chuck Gross is the author of the memoir,   Rattler One-Seven: A Vietnam Helicopter Pilot’s War Story . Gross flew helicopters in Vietnam and was shot down twice. He had a post-war career as a…

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The Rest of Heaven Was Blue by Matthew Wilkins

March 5, 2014

There are a lot of Vietnam War-related graphic novels, but Matthew Wilkins'  The Rest of Heaven was Blue (Amazon Digital Services, 67 pp., $4.99, Kindle) is the first I've reviewed. I leafed through it as…

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My Vietnam War by E. E. ‘Doc’ Murdock

February 26, 2014

E. E. “Doc” Murdock tells us in the first sentence of My Vietnam War  (H.O.T. Press, 329 pp., $12.95, paper; $3.99, Kindle) that the book is a novel and that he wants to make us understand…

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The Gunny, Master Guns, and Bullets and Bandages by Raymond Hunter Pyle

February 24, 2014

Raymond Hunter Pyle is a two-tour Vietnam veteran who served in Da Nang, Cua Viet, and Dong Ha in 1967 and in Da Nang from 1968-69. I suspect he was a Marine Corps NCO, perhaps…

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A Marine’s Journal, Feb. ’67-Feb ’68, By Mike Holiday,

February 16, 2014

Mike Holiday's A Marine’s Journal: Feb. ’67 - Feb ’68 (Abbott Press, 218 pp., $15.99, paper; $3.99, Kindle) looks like a published journal by a Marine dealing with his thirteen-month Vietnam War tour. However, we learn…

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Pointman by Robert L. Owens

February 12, 2014

Robert L. Owens's Pointman: A Novel of Love, War and Drugs (Delizon 310 pp., $12, paper) is that rare autobiographical Vietnam War novel published in France. The title character, the pointman, is Spec 4 Warren Steele,…

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