Williamsburg Chapter 957 Gives Back to Community

Photo of homeless feet

Mid-County Park in Virginia is mainly known for its unique space “Kidsburg” that children frequently adventure in. However, not far from the play area is the permanent dedicated space for a memorial in honor of the Vietnam War. This memorial was dedicated in May 1993 as a reminder of the sacrifices of many throughout the war.

As is common for memorials of any kind, items of condolences and respect are left at its base from time to time.

The community in that area has many Vietnam veterans that are honored by this memorial. The Williamsburg Chapter 957 , which was founded in 2005, has been a quintessential part of the local community through their selfless service to those in need and to charities nearby.

Every year before Memorial Day and Veterans Day, the members of the Williamsburg Chapter place more than 1, 000 flags on veteran graves in the Williamsburg area. They also contribute to those days’ various ceremonies annually.

The Williamsburg Chapter exemplifies service by supporting six different homeless veterans that live in the Vetshouse(s) in Virginia Beach. They also support homeless veterans through the Community Resource Center in Williamsburg.

The chapter has hosted a tour of the Jamestown settlement for the past seven years. This tour is for wheelchair-bound and disabled veterans in Richmond.

In addition to these listed services, the Williamsburg Chapter was involved with “The Wall That Heals” exhibit that visited Williamsburg in 2014, and supports the Wreaths Across America program.


Source: The Virginia Gazette


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