Chapter 910 Serves Deceased Homeless Veterans

Chapter 910

Chapter 910 supports a program in Corpus Christi, TX ensuring that “no veteran who goes through a funeral service goes alone.” 

Uniforms for Final Salute is a partnership among Chapter 910, and local businesses such as Goodwill, a dry cleaners, a funeral home, and others.

The collaboration secures military uniforms from Goodwill’s donated items. The local dry cleaner cleans the uniforms and removes names and other patches. The funeral home requests a uniform for an homeless ‘unaccompanied veterans’.

Unaccompanied veterans are usually homeless, with no family to claim their remains once they die.

Community businesses and organizations like Chapter 910 ensure that the veterans are buried with the dignity that they deserve. Chapter members attend their funeral service upon notification from the veterans cemetery and some members provide an honor guard. Other attendants to the funeral services sometimes include a band, motorcycle club, and other members of the community.

The initiative was begun on Memorial Day 2016. To date, they have provided uniforms and formal burial services for a dozen unaccompanied veterans.

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