Membership Affairs Committee Update March/April 2016

The Membership Affairs Committee, as required by Public Affairs Resolution P-7, provides this yearly report to the membership.

M-2 Communication Among VVA’s Organizational Levels: The national office must reply to all communications from state councils and chapters within five working days and state councils and chapters must reply to all communications from the national office within ten working days. M-2 remains viable and was overwhelmingly endorsed at the 2015 National Convention.
As of this writing, the estimated total from the Life Membership Fire Sale is 7, 909. This estimate is based on the processed applications; there are many applications pending confirmation of DD214s. During the January Board of Directors meeting in Silver Spring, the Board approved the permanent reduction of Life Membership dues to $100. The revised application is on page 5 of this issue and on the website; new membership application trifolds that reflect the reduced rate will be printed.
The Second Annual Membership Growth Award program came to a close February 29. The winners of each category will be announced at the Leadership & Education Conference in Tuscon.

Charlie Hobbs, Chair

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