‘Do Not Stop,’ an In-Country Vietnam War Short Story in ‘The New Yorker’

Yes, that is correct. For the first time in living memory (sort of), the august New Yorker magazine in the January 21 issue ran an in-country Vietnam War short story. The good news is that this is a brilliant story, featuring a tense, evocative depiction of the 1968 Siege of Khe Sanh. There is no bad news.

Plus, it turns out that the story, “Do Not Stop,” is an excerpt from Salvatore Scibona’s new novel, The Volunteer, which was published earlier this month. We will have an in-depth review of that sterling book—written by a young-ish novelist who (ironically enough) was born in 1975, the year the Vietnam War ended with the North Vietnamese takeover of the South–in the May/June print edition (and the subsequent on-line edition) of The VVA Veteran. Stay tuned.


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