Chapter 279 Dedicates Monument to Vietnam Vets

After two years of fundraising, Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 279 dedicated a monument to Vietnam veterans — the first of its kind at the Omaha (Neb.) National Cemetery — in September. The monument reads, “In Memory of Our Fallen Brothers and Sisters, Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 279, Omaha NE 2018.”

Numerous government official addressed the crown at the dedication ceremony. “No one could deny the valor and bravery of those who went to Southeast Asia to serve their country,” Lt. Gov. Mike Foley said. “This is a long overdue ‘welcome home’ and ‘thank you.’ We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to our veterans, and we must never forget them.”

Hon. Randy Reeves, Undersecretary for Memorial Affairs at Omaha National Cemetery thanked Vietnam veterans and  thanked Chapter 279. “Thank you for your hard work so we may always remember the service of our Vietnam veterans,” he said. “No veteran ever dies. The first death is when the breath leaves the body. The second death is when no one speaks your name and tells the story.”

“It was overdue,” chapter vice president Terry Hester told the Douglas County Post-Gazette. “We weren’t recognized very well when we got home. It was really an honor for me for our chapter to do this, to get behind the scenes and have the first monument at the cemetery. It made our chapter proud and made us feel really good to do that for our fallen brothers and sisters.”

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