Helping Students in Cincinnati

Chapter 10 in Cincinnati recently held their 5th Annual Crayons to Computers donation drive. Every year chapter members donate school supplies, and these items are then donated to the Crayons to Computers headquarters.

Crayons to Computers strives to “provide every child in need with the quantity and quality of supplies required to succeed in school.” Local teachers are also invited to the warehouse to choose items they believe their students desperately need. In an effort to provide much needed supplies to school children, Crayons to Computers works in partnership with several other local organizations.

Chapter 10 is committed to helping young students in their community, and another endeavor of theirs is the Adopt-A-Child program. Chapter members ‘adopt’ all of the children in a family and provide them with essential items, such as clothing and school supplies. In addition, for the past three years the chapter has awarded scholarships to college bound students who are veterans, or the dependents of veterans. The chapter has awarded scholarships to 14 students thus far.

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