Chapter 317 Recognizes Blue Springs Mayor, Wife

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 317 and Mayor Pro Tem Susan Culpepper recognized Blue Springs, Missouri, Mayor Carson Ross and First Lady Eloise Ross for their devotion to the community March 18 during a City Council meeting.

Mayor Ross was recognized for his service in Vietnam and his dedication to bringing The Wall that Heals, a replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, to Blue Springs. Mrs. Ross was honored for her devotion to her husband and to the city. Mayor Ross was named a Lifetime Member of Chapter 317, and Mrs. Ross was named a “Hero at Home.”

“Your service made a difference, Mayor Sgt. Carson Ross, U.S. Army, and First Lady Eloise Ross, Vietnam Veterans Hero at Home, for exceptional valor, loyalty and community,” said Rev. Dr. Ed “Doc” Golden on behalf of the chapter.

Culpepper proclaimed March 18th “Mayor Carson Ross and First Lady Eloise Ross Day. She spoke about how the Rosses have given “unselfishly of their time, energy, love and above-and-beyond hard work as an amazing example of what patriotism, loyalty and devotion to fellow citizens look like.”

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