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C.D.B. Bryan, 1936-2009

December 20, 2009

C.D.B. Bryan, the journalist and author best known for his best-selling 1976 book, Friendly Fire , the story of the death in Vietnam in 1970 of infantryman Michael Mullen by an errant U.S. artillery round,…

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Tim O'Brien on Verisimilitude in Fiction

September 17, 2009

Tim O'Brien, the much-honored novelist whose work is strongly influenced by his Vietnam War service has an interesting essay called "Telling Tails" that deals with what he calls "the centrality of imagination in enduring fiction"…

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Essential Vietnam War Reading

August 19, 2009

The September issue of Armchair General magazine contains an article, "10 Essential Vietnam War Books" by James H. Willbanks, a retired Army colonel, who has written widely about the war, in which the author recommends…

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Stories of a North Vietnamese Childhood

August 13, 2009

You can read Le Ho Lan's autobiographical Stories of a North Vietnamese Childhood ---which deal with a girl growing up in North Vietnam and her family, neighbors, and friends before and during the American war---on…

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Michael Norman's latest

June 24, 2009

Michael Norman is a journalist, author, and Marine Vietnam War veteran, and the author of the excellent 1991 Vietnam War memoir, These Good Men . His latest book, written with his wife Elizabeth M. Norman,…

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William Keith Nolan dead at 44

June 16, 2009

William Keith Nolan, one of the most prolific and most accomplished military historians of the Vietnam War, died February 9 of lung cancer. He was 44 years old and was not a smoker; the disease…

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Army Center of Military History's New e Book Catalog

June 5, 2009

The U.S. Army’s Center of Military History's Web catalog of its publications has recently been redone with big changes in design and content. The new electronic catalog now includes all 600-plus Center publications. The user-friendly…

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