On Line Tribute to Wayne Karlin's Literary Work

There’s an excellent summary of the literary work of Wayne Karlin (above ), the former Marine who received the VVA Excellence in the Arts Award in 2005, on the Viet Nam Literature Project blog by Dan Duffy . The entry looks at Karlin’s novels, memoirs, and collections of short stories he edited—nearly all of which is informed by his experiences in the Vietnam War.

“Wayne Karlin patrolled the edge of an airbase as an infantryman. Then he operated a machine gun from a helicopter against the People’s Army crossing into the Republic of Viet Nam, ” Duffy writes. “Back home, Wayne edited a collection of fiction by other veterans. He settled to his own work in Maryland…. Wayne visited the William Joiner Center for the Study of War and Social Consequences and met writers from the People’s Army. With Le Minh Kue and with a veteran of the Republic of Viet Nam he edited the fiction collection, The Other Side of Heaven.”

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