Share Your Thoughts on ‘Go Tell the Spartans’

William Cummings, a Professor of Humanities and Cultural Studies at the University of South Florida, has just created what he calls a “digital and public history project” dealing with the highly regarded 1978 Vietnam War film,  Go Tell the Spartans .

“I am inviting readers to join in an online discussion of this film’s history of the Vietnam War, ” Cummings told us. To do so, go to the project’s Subjecting History web page .  When you do, you’ll find a detailed deconstruction of the film, along with space for you to make comments.

Cummings explains that Subjecting History is an on-line “collaboration between professional scholars and the public to explore the way that we individually and collectively interpret events from the past. ” The purpose, he says, “is to explore how we can build a more democratic process for understanding the past and its role in society today.  Ultimately, the contributors will reflect on the contributions made by commenters, and the project will be published by Ohio University Press.”

All commenters, Cummings notes, “understand that their comments may be printed in the physical version of this text.” To cut back on spam, all commenters must enter a name and email address. “The Editors will not share email addresses with any source, ” Cummings says, “nor will they make email addresses publicly available.”

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