New Web Site for Veteran Art and Writing

Matthew Bellantoni, a senior at Parsons the New School for Design , is in the beginning stages of building a website to help veteran writers and artists.  The idea is to “create an online platform for veterans to sell their stories and art works, ” Bellantoni told us. “Most of the revenue will go the veteran. The project is called Bridge the Gap because we ‘bridge the gap’ between military veterans to civilians and help civilians understand the courage and commitment of a military veteran.”

There’s “a huge gap between civilians (students especially at art schools) and military veterans, ” he said. “The purpose of this project is to bring that gap together.  Civilians will see military veterans as humans just like you and me instead of ‘those people.'”

To that end, he is looking for military veterans “who would want to sell their artwork on my website, people who would want to buy military veteran art work, and people who are interested on military artwork in general.”

If you fit in those categories, send an email to  to learn more. If you do, please mention you learned about the site on the VVA Veteran’s Arts of War on the web page.

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