Disabled Veterans Wanted for Photo Essay

Bruce Kravetz is a professional photographer in Philadelphia and former 101st Airborne Division paratrooper. He is working on a photo essay on Iraq and Vietnam War veterans, and looking for help. Kravetz wants to hear from veterans who are amputees or those with “other forms of disfiguring war trauma, ” who live in or near New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Washington D.C., areas.

The project, Kravetz tells us, “is proposed for public display and intended to provoke thought and understanding. There is no specific political bias intended on my part.” Participation and comments from veterans, he says, “will give this project its form.” Veterans’ opinions, he says, “of this important subject are what matters.”

For more info, go to his website, www.brucekravetz.com , call 215-483-4342, or send an email to cameralens@verizon.net

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