Long Binh Post Film Wanted

Greg Stern is a TV producer whose late father served at Long Binh Post from 1968-69. After his father’s death two years ago Stern found hundreds of pictures and letters and hours worth of recorded audio letters from his father and from friends and family among his father’s belongings.

The son is now is putting together a documentary based on that material.

“It was one point of his life I never knew about and sadly, I never asked, ” Stern told us, “but finding this material has given me a second chance.”

Production on the doc has begun, and Stern is hoping to include moving images from other Vietnam veterans–of Long Binh as well as other in-country places–in the film. “Photographs are great, ” he said, “but the rarer material is movie film, which I strive to include.”

The film, he said, “is not only about my father. I am including stories of other people connected, albeit in different ways, with the war. All had some mystery surrounding that time period followed by a discovery of material that led them to reflect and learn. Each will also hopefully get that closure we are looking for, which, for me, will be the film.”

If you have film of Long Binh that you’d be willing to lend to the movie, send an email to breakingthetapeprod@gmail.com and tell him you read it about here.

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