VVA Chapter 979 Visits Virginia High School

As part of VVA’s continuing education outreach program, VVA Chapter 979 of Kingsport, Tenn., visited Northwood High School in Saltville, Va., on Sept. 22 to speak with students about Vietnam and their experience there. Several veterans gave a presentation to students that covered the geography of Vietnam, daily life, living conditions, the risks involved in being in Vietnam, the loss of life and even the uniforms they wore.

Students learned about the experiences of soldiers and civilians in Vietnam from the veterans, bringing a real world connection to this event that they may otherwise only read about in history books, or see in movies and on television. The students were particularly interested in a DVD that featured pictures taken by one of VVA Chapter 979’s members.

To express their gratitude for the opportunity to educate young people about Vietnam and veterans’ experiences there, Chapter 979 presented the high school’s principal with a medal.

Originally published in SWVa Today .

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