Chapter 67 Has Spoken with Students for 35 Years

Chapter 67

Several members of Chapter 67 in Delaware County, PA have an ongoing relationship with local high schools and colleges to share their experiences with the Vietnam War. 

The chapter has spoken with local students for nearly 35 years. Their talks often involve artifacts from the war, photos and presentations about some abstract concepts such as gunships or LZs, and their daily life as an American fighting in Vietnam.

The veterans make it a point to not dehumanize the people they fought. When there are Vietnamese students in the audience, sometimes they approach the veterans to enquire of places where their parents or grandparents lived.

There is also a discussion about diversity of Americans on the battlefield in Vietnam. With no segregation, all types of classes, races, professions, creeds, and backgrounds entrusted their lives on one another.

Read more about ‘Teaching the War: Chapter 67’s Long-Running School Program’, by Loana Hoylman in The VVA Veteran.

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