Geico Donates Car to Chapter 502’s Rollins

Sgt. Ken Rollins, president of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 502 in Anniston, Ala., got a helping hand from insurance giant Geico and a Biloxi, Miss., auto shop through the Recycled Rides program. Geico’s program takes vehicles that have been seized or totaled, has them repaired and retooled for accessibility, and donates them.

Geico noticed Rollins’ efforts on behalf of fellow veterans — which include hosting a local television show — and gifted him a refurbished Honda Accord.”I’m very appreciative, but I was startled when I got the call,” he says. “Like, you’re kidding — that kind of thing.”

The sedan will make life easier for Rollins, who suffers from peripheral neuropathy. “I’m really looking forward to getting behind the wheel and going on a short trip,” he told WXXV-TV News. When he served in Vietnam, Sgt. Rollins added, he didn’t like the geckos surrounding camp. “We made up — I like this lizard,” he said.


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