Chapter 457 Restores Vietnam War Era Helicopter

AH1 Cobra Helicopter

Chapter 457 in San Angelo, TX has begun repairing a helicopter that was featured at San Angelo’s Vietnam War Memorial.

This veteran of the Vietnam War is a rattler helicopter that served American soldiers from 1965-69. The helicopter still has the bullet holes from where it was twice shot down.

For the past 20 years, the helicopter has been on display on the memorial site at San Angelo Regional Airport. Recently, it became damaged during the Fourth of July and subsequent repair attempt.

Members of Chapter 457 decided it was time to have the helicopter fully restored with it being chemically stripped down to the metal, repainted, and bearing the Army stamp, door number, decal and name.

Chapter 457 plans to raise funding for the $26, 000 restoration and unveil the helicopter in time for Memorial Day.

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