Chapter 20 Vets Welcomed Home by High School Students

The presentations covered somber issues such as coping with death while alone, to less serious issues such as their sometimes-embarrassing nicknames. (L-r) Joe Peck, Fred Elliot, Ron Trovato and Kenny Allocco. Provided photo

The veterans from Chapter 20 in Rochester, NY have been volunteering their stories with the juniors of Churchville-Chili High School for seven years. It is an on-going tradition that was begun upon the invitation of U.S. History teacher Elizabeth Hoelperl.

The privilege of having the veterans share their personal stories allows that which has been learned in their studies to come alive for the students. Hoelperl said that the students are better able to connect with the mood and politics of society of the Vietnam War era from the veterans’ war stories.

The veterans appreciated having the opportunity to share their experiences with a new generation.

The two days of presentations featured talks from ex-Marines Geno Lenyk and Chuck Macaluso; military veterans Jerry McDermott and Joseph Peck; U.S. Army veterans Ronald Trovato and Frederick Elliot; and, U.S. Air Force veteran Kenneth Allocco.

The stories the veterans shared were relatable to the 11th graders as they were told from the perspective of being 18- or 19-years old and leaving home to serve their country in a war on foreign soil.


Source: Westside News, Inc.

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