G.I. Vietnam War Photography

To commemorate National Vietnam War Veterans Day, today’s one-hour B&H Photography Podcast contains two photography-related interviews dealing with the war and its veterans.

The first is with Vietnam veteran David Parks, who wrote G.I. Diary, a 1968 book about his tour of duty that included excerpts from a diary he kept in country and photos he took.

The second is with Kendra Rennick, the creator of the Vietnam Slide Project, a collection of digitized images of slides taken by U.S. troops in Vietnam. Rennick, a photo editor in New York, started the project a couple of years ago when a friend asked her to help organize a collection of in-country slides taken by her late father.

Rennick then contacted VVA to help spread the word about the project.  VVA Veteran Arts Editor Marc Leepson posted a query for her on this site. In the podcast, Rennick kindly mentions the post and says it was “the most successful” way that veterans learned of the project and then sent slides that made their way into the collection.


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