C.D.B. Bryan, 1936-2009

C.D.B. Bryan, the journalist and author best known for his best-selling 1976 book, Friendly Fire , the story of the death in Vietnam in 1970 of infantryman Michael Mullen by an errant U.S. artillery round, died of cancer December 15 at his home in Guilford, Connecticut. He was 73.

Bryan had a long and fruitful writing career. He will be remembered, though, for his contribution to the Vietnam War nonfiction literary canon for his powerfully told story of Michael Mullen’s death in Vietnam and its aftermath. The book began as a New Yorker article, and then was the basis for a 1979 Emmy-Award-winning TV movie starring Carol Burnett (below ) as Michael Mullen’s mother Peg, who later became a prominent antiwar activist.

Peg Mullen died Oct. 2. She was 92 years old.

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