Recovering from the War on Kindle

Recovering From the War,   Patience Mason’s pioneering book on PTSD,  which first was published 1990 and remains in print, has just been made available on Kindle through   The book, subtitled “A Guide for All Veterans, Family Members, Friends and Therapists, ” deals with how Mason and her husband Robert lived with PTSD “when it didn’t have a name and wasn’t supposed to exist, ” she says. Bob Mason did a tour of duty in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot, which he wrote about in his highly praised memoir, Chickenhawk .

After struggling for many years, the Masons began dealing with the problem in a positive manner in ways she describes in her book. Since then, Patience Mason has become a well-regarded PTSD expert. She has given talks on the subject at VA Medical Centers, Vet Centers, veterans’ reunions, and many other venues. In addition to Recovering from the War, she has written two books for children on PTSD as well as pamphlets that the VA uses for patient education. She also has an informative web site .

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