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Twin Marines in Hell by Jerry Byrne

August 12, 2015

Jerry Byrne’s Twin Marines in Hell: From Grade School to Vietnam (CreateSpace,  204 pp., $14, 95, paper; $3.99, Kindle), is dedicated to his twin brother, John, who died at age 58 of cancer resulting from exposure to…

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The Other Side of Me by D.L. “Tex” Swafford and Jim Bob Swafford

July 3, 2015

The resigned stare on the face that fills the back cover of The Other Side of Me: Memoirs of a Vietnam Marine (CreateSpace, 169 pp., $12.25, paper) pretty much tells the book's entire story. The…

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The Making and Un-making of a Marine by Larry Winters

April 29, 2015

Psychodrama provided the major impetus for Larry Winters' recovery from PTSD. In The Making and Un-making of a Marine: One Man's Struggle for Forgiveness (Millrock Writers Collective, 322 pp., $14.77, hardcover; $9.99, Kindle), Winters tells his…

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Killer Kane and Rice Paddy Recon by Andrew R. Finlayson

March 27, 2015

Andrew R. Finlayson served twenty-five years in the U. S. Marine Corps. He did so, he says, because he "wanted the people I knew and loved in my small town to respect and love me.”…

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The Court-Martial of Corporal Nutting by John R. Nutting

March 24, 2015

John R. Nutting wrote The Court Martial of Corporal Nutting: A Memoir of the Vietnam War (Skyhorse, 194 pp., $24.95, hardcover; $13.99, Kindle) with one purpose in mind: to set the record straight about his life…

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lThe Silence of the Fallen by David DeChant

September 2, 2014

David DeChant served two tours in Vietnam, the first from 1966-67 as a U. S. Marine Combat Intelligence NCO assigned to battalion scouts, and the second from 1968-70 as an Embassy Courier flying throughout Vietnam on…

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A Hellish Place of Angels by Daryl J. Eigen

November 26, 2012

The subtitle of Daryl J. Egen's A Hellish Place of Angels (iUniverse, 222 pp., $18.95, paper) is “Con Thien: One Man’s Journey, ” which gives a better sense of what the book is about than…

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The Mailman Went UA by David W. Mulldune

September 4, 2012

David Mulldune arrived in Vietnam May 1968, a Marine who had just missed the Tet Offensive. Mulldune, a high school dropout in trouble with the law, has written The Mailman Went UA: A Vietnam Memoir…

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