Minority Affairs Committee Update July/August 2016

The Minority Affairs Committee hopes you will attend the VVA Leadership & Education Conference in Tucson. There will be informative seminars and workshops. Our committee members will not host one, but we will be in attendance to learn.

Our committee members hope that your chapter recruitment efforts are going well so we can grow VVA’s membership to 80, 000 in the next twelve months. You may learn techniques at the Conference that will help in your recruitment efforts. Remember that life memberships are permanently established at $100 regardless of the eligible vet’s age. Many Vietnam veterans are approaching retirement, so this is the time to recruit them.

The National Minority Affairs Committee is one part of VVA’s recruitment team due to our charge to conduct outreach and support veterans, as we do with our booths nationwide annually. We recruit all eligible vets regardless of their ethnicity. Our committee’s efforts also target veterans in our least-served populations, particularly Native American vets or those in densely populated cities who don’t know that VVA exists. Our committee will be hosting a booth in New Mexico in September to continue our outreach efforts there that began last year when our committee members distributed four hundred membership applications.


Jerry Yamamoto, Chair

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