Member of Chapter 451 Featured in Documentary

Dennis “Doc” Noah, an active VVA member of Baltimore Chapter 451 , is one of many Vietnam veterans to be featured in an upcoming documentary made by Maryland Public Television. The two-part project by MPT has been considered a long overdue thank you to the veterans, many of whom were never recognized for their service because of political turmoil surrounding the top of the war.

The first part of the project is a three-hour documentary, entitled Maryland Vietnam War Stories, which will premiere May 24-26, 2015. To make the documentary, MPT interviewed 100 veterans, including Noah.

The second portion of the project is a traveling exhibit that has ventured around Maryland to celebrate those Marylanders who served during the Vietnam War. This memorial exhibit features wartime and current written and photographed recollections from 16 of the 100 veterans who were featured in the documentary.


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