Chapter 717 Celebrated July Fourth Together

Chapter 717

Akron, OH Chapter 717 members met at the local Grace Baptist Church July 8, the Saturday after Independence Day. 

Dave Pickens read the litany of the Missing Man Table, and Charlie Glisson spoke about the significance of Independence Day and the sacrifices of the early patriots.

Then he talked about his inseparable childhood friend, Robert (Butch) Radcliffe, Jr. Both served in Vietnam. Glisson was asked to be his best man, but Radcliffe was killed by hostile fire on July 2, 1970, just weeks before the planned wedding.

The Chapter 717 Color Guard performed a flag-folding ceremony, while Jim Oakes explained the meaning of each of the thirteen folds. Afterward, flags were presented to World War II veterans John Statton and Randy Weitzell. Before these events, participants enjoyed breakfast prepared by the men of Grace Church.

Photo: Chapter 717 members (from left): George Weisel, Don Mosso, Charlie Glisson, Ron Beal, Jim Oakes, Mark Latham, Bob McCullough, Jay Jenkins, and Dave Pickens. Statton and Weitzell are seated.

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