Chapter 373’s Assistance Goes Full Circle

Chapter 373

The U.S. Army Warrant Officer Association Chapter donated $500 to Daleville, AL, Chapter 373 to support the chapter’s efforts to help veterans and their spouses during the Christmas season. Chapter President Bobby Enfinger accepted the check in December.

The $500 was used for food baskets that were given at Christmas to veterans in nursing homes and to widows of veterans. Chapter members gave baskets to everyone in one home and to several veterans in other homes. Chapter 373 has distributed Christmas food baskets for years. The Warrant Officer Association has been donating money for a while, also. But now, one of the officers of the Association is a Chapter 373 member who understood how much the donation would help the chapter.

Bobby Enfinger is not only the president of his chapter, he is also the chaplain. He was selected as Veteran of the Year by Chapter 373 in 2016 and was on the cover of Alabama Living magazine in November of 2012. Enfinger is a quietly enthusiastic recruiter for his chapter, enlisting members who did not know there was a VVA chapter in their area. Spreading the word is one of his main concerns. The chapter began with 106 members and now has 118. “The chapter may not be big,” Enfinger said, “but its heart is in the right place.”

One of his ideas is Meet and Greet. In order to help other chapters, 373 hosts dinners for veterans from around the state. The dinners are informal and relaxed, fostering fellowship. This is a good venue for members from all Alabama chapters to learn how to conduct fundraisers, distribute donations, and structure finances, as well as exchange other ideas and establish friendships.

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