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Gene Wentz’s in-the-trenches Vietnam War SEAL novel, Men in Green Faces, first published in 1992, is out in a new trade paperback edition (St. Martin’s Griffin, 304 pp., $15.99) in time for Veterans Day. Wentz—who came home from a SEAL tour in Vietnam with a chestful of medals—put together this dialogue-heavy combat novel with the help of the writer B. Abel Jurus.

The novel centers on Navy SEAL Gene Michaels and his quest to terminate a particularly vicious enemy officer named Col. Nguyen, the leader of a force of five thousand NVA regulars wreaking havoc in South Vietnam. When not on the trail of Col. Nguyen, Michaels and his team take part in one dangerous, lethal SEAL op after another against the VC and NVA in the Delta.

Gen Wentz receiving his Bronze Star. He also was awarded a Silver Star and two Vietnamese Crosses of Gallantry, among other decorations, for his service in the Vietnam War.

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—Marc Leepson

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