Charlie Haughey's Old Photos Get New Life

Charlie Haughey was drafted into the Army in 1967, and went on to serve as a rifleman with the 25th Infantry Division in and around Cu Chi in Vietnam from 1968-69. In Vietnam he had a second job: taking pictures of his battalion for Army and civilian newspapers.  Haughey, a retired cabinet maker, brought some 2, 000 negatives back home with him after the war. He kept them in a box stored away in his home.

Haughey (above, with camera, in Vietnam ) opened the box for the first time last year and found that the work had a strong immediacy in 2013. More than two dozen of his images are part of an exhibit of his work at the ADX Gallery in Portland, Oregon .

More of the images—such as the one below—are on view on Haughey’s pages on Flickr  and Tublr . You can also see his work on Facebook .


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