Complimentary New Daniel Inouye Graphic Novel

Medal of Honor: Daniel Inouye, a new graphic novel created by a team of accomplished comic book veterans—the writer Chuck Dixon and the illustrators Christopher Ivy, Peter Pantazis, and Troy Peteri—has just been published by the Association of the United States Army. It’s part of AUSA’s Medal of Honor series, which began with a profile of Alvin York and includes books on Roy Benavidez, Audie Murphy, and Sal Giunta. You can read them at this page on AUSA’s website:

Former long-time Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye (1924-2012) was born in Honolulu. In 1943, when President Roosevelt ended the military’s ban on Japanese Americans, he dropped out of college and volunteered to serve in the Army’s 442nd Regimental Combat Team. The regiment was composed almost entirely of second-generation Japanese Americans. It became one of the most decorated units in World War II.

Second Lieutenant Inouye was severely wounded leading an assault on German defenses in San Terenzo, Italy, on April 21, 1945, during the waning days of the war. He lost his right arm, and later was awarded the Medal of Honor for his courage under fire in that vicious engagement in which he destroyed three machine gun bunkers, was wounded five times, and refused treatment until the battle ended. He spent twenty months recovering in Army hospitals.

In 1962, Daniel Inouye became the first Japanese American elected to the U.S. Senate.

You can read the read the novel or download a free copy at


June 4, 2020

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