Nelson DeMille's Latest is Also One of His Oldest

Few people paid attention back in 1975 when Nelson DeMille—who had spent a year in Vietnam as a First Cavalry Division lieutenant and would go on to become a mega-best-selling author—published The Quest, his first full-length novel. If you look at a best-seller list today, you’ll see that that book is back among the leaders of the pack.

The 2013 version of The Quest  is quite different from the book that came out in 1975. That’s because DeMille has rewritten the book, expanding it from about 75, 000 words to some 140, 000.

DeMille told Publishers Weekly that he “always wanted” to rewrite the book, which deals with the location of the Holy Grail. “I was a 30-year-old writer and I really didn’t know that much about writing novels, ” he said. “I really didn’t have to spend all that time with the research and plotting structure. I was able to concentrate on the characters and the writing.”

DeMille’s website is


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