El Dorado Springs, Mo., 'Veterans of America' Art Exhibit

“Veterans of America, ” an exhibit of the art work of a variety of veteran-artists, opened August 11 at the nonprofit Springs Art Gallery in El Dorado Springs, Missouri. The show, which will run through October 8, includes the paintings of Helen White (that’s her work, above) , who served as a nurse in the Vietnam War, and whose work has been exhibited at the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum in Chicago, among other places.

“The thing is, these artists have trouble finding places to display and sell their work, ” White told the Nevada Daily Mail . “Art about war is nothing new; it’s been around for centuries; probably as long as there have been wars, there have been artists whose work had themes relating to war.”

The exhibit, which was supported by VVA Chapter 317 in Kansas City, Mo., contains an eclectic collection. “Many different media have been introduced, from paintings, vases, fiber art, books, slide shows, maps and woodwork, ” said Ruth Cannady, the gallery’s coordinator. “The Springs Gallery has had a large amount of interest in the exhibition.”

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