Richard C. DeLong

Director At Large

Richard DeLong

Richard C. DeLong is serving his seventh term on the VVA National Board of Directors, a position he has held since 2009. Richard enlisted in the United Army in 1965 and served four years with the Army Security Agency. After serving two consecutive tours in Vietnam (1966-1968), he was honorably discharged in 1969.

A life member of VVA, Richard serves as the Chair of the VVA National POW/MIA Committee, which seeks to promote the fullest possible accounting of those still listed as POW/MIA’s in Southeast Asia and any other areas of the world, regardless of the conflict that initiated their disappearance. In addition, he served on the Veterans Incarcerated Committee; the Veterans Against Drugs Task Force; the Membership Affairs Committee; and the Public Affairs Subcommittee on Awards. In 2007, Richard assisted in the revision the VVA National Disciplinary Code, and he now serves as a member of both the National and Region 7 Disciplinary committees.

Richard first joined VVA in 1988. He has served VVA Chapter 141 as Sergeant-at-Arms, Treasurer, and President. He was elected President of the VVA Louisiana State Council in 1998, and was reelected to this position for three consecutive terms. In 2002, Richard was elected as Chair of the VVA Conference of State Council Presidents and served in this position until 2004. In 2003, he was appointed to serve a term on the Board of Directors of the Vietnam Veterans Assistance Foundation, now known as the Veterans Assistance Foundation. Richard is a former member of the Veteran’s Advisory Committee for the VAMC in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Richard is retired from Bellsouth Communications. He and his wife, Leslie, who is also a life member of VVA, reside in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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