Dan Stenvold

Director At Large

Dan Stenvold

Dan Stenvold served three tours in Vietnam (1969, 1970, 1971) all with the Army artillery on 155MM guns. He started out with M-109’s attached to the 11th Cav and ended up on towed 155s that were air lifted wherever they were needed.

His involvement with VVA has included service as both State Council President of North Dakota and North Dakota Coordinating Council since 1999.  In 2013 and again in 2015, NDSC received a $50, 000 grant from their state legislature for Agent Orange education and outreach. To date, they have had Agent Orange round tables in 29 of their 53 counties. They also have three 14’ x 60’ billboards along their I-highways that state: “VIETNAM VETERANS—AGENT ORANGE IS KILLING OUR CHILDREN, ” which have been a huge success. Dan is a life member of VVA, VFW, DAV, AMVETS, Canadian VVA and an annual member of the American Legion.

He is serving in his 9th year as Mayor of Park River, North Dakota, a city of 1, 700. The budgets he works with in the city along with their municipal utilities and landfill total in the $6.7M to$7.1M range each year. 100% disability from Agent Orange and PTSD.

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