Articles Related to Vietnam War-themed fiction

Colorado Mandala by Brian Francis Heffron

July 18, 2013

Brain Francis Heffron's novel, Colorado Mandala (Little House Books, 254 pp., $14.95, paper), is a classy looking book with a cover featuring a detail from a painting by William Keith of a wild mountain canyon…

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Rolling Thunder by L. Erik Fleming

June 28, 2013

The back cover blurb of L. Erik Fleming's Rolling Thunder (Strategic Book Publishing, 438 pp., $23, paper) tells us that the author is an air traffic controller and flight instructor. Nothing is said of military experience.…

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Red, White & Blues by L. V. Sage

May 21, 2013

There is no biographical information in Red, White & Blues  by L. V. Sage (Outskirts Press, 760 pp., $24.95, paper)  on the author except for the fact that she lives in Southern California. The novel's…

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The Cochabamba Conspiracy by Brinn Colenda

May 15, 2013

VVA member Brinn Colenda is a graduate of the U. S. Air Force Academy and a retired lieutenant colonel. He served in Southeast Asia and other places around the world in flying and staff positions.…

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Crimes of Redemption by Linda L. McDonald

February 24, 2013

The early section of Linda L. McDonald's novel  Crimes of Redemption (Roadrunner Press, 312 pp., $24) reads like a Cormac McCarthy novel. The violence and the depth that develops in the characters brings to mind…

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Goodbye Emily by Michael Murphy

February 9, 2013

The garish, tie-dyed cover of Goodbye Emily by Michael Murphy (Koehler, 270 pp., $16.95, paper) fairly shouts that the book is about the psychedelic sixties.That is a form of truth in packaging as the focus of the…

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Apocalypse Hotel by Ho An Thai

February 8, 2013

Apocalypse Hotel: A Novel  by Ho An Thai (Texas Tech University Press, 144 pp., $24.95) is a handsome production, in hardcover, with great art on the dust jacket. A cover blurb by Susan Swartout informs the…

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Expiation by Rudolph Pommer Saxon

January 19, 2013

In Rudolph Pommer Saxon's novel Expiation (CreateSpace, 362 pp., $9.99, paper) the title is explained early on, well before the first chapter starts.  There is no biographical information on Saxon, nothing to indicate that he has…

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A Lost Generation by Ronald S. Zimney

July 16, 2012

Ronald S. Zimney, the author of the novel A Lost Generation ( 324 pp., iUniverse, $29.95, hardcover; $19.95, paper), tells us that he graduated from high school in Minnesota, repaired rocket sleds in New Mexico, and served…

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