Articles Related to Vietnam War oral history

Dartmouth Vietnam Project

January 4, 2017

Ed Miller, a history professor at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, directs a unique and innovative program at the college: The Dartmouth Vietnam Project, an oral history endeavor that trains Dartmouth undergrad students to interview…

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Tours of Duty Edited by Michael Lee Lanning

July 11, 2014

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Michael Lee Lanning is one of the most prolific Vietnam veteran writers. Many of his twenty-one military-themed nonfiction books deal with the Vietnam War. That includes the well-received memoirs he wrote about…

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Welcome Home by Ross Lewis

March 14, 2014

Ross Lewis's Welcome Home: A Monument to Honor: An American Tribute to Vietnam Veterans (216 pp., paper, $37) is a large-format, heavily illustrated book that is a part of a wider project to---as Ross puts it---"foster…

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Vietnam to Western Airlines by Bruce Cowee

February 25, 2014

One of the missions of Vietnam Veterans of America since its founding in 1978 has been to counteract stereotypically negative images of Vietnam veterans in the news and entertainment media. That's also the mission of…

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The Tooth and the Tail by Lawrence Rock

December 10, 2012

Lawrence Rock, who put together The Tooth and the Tail: An Oral History of Support Troops in Vietnam (CreateSpace, 386 pp., $13.99, paper), was a sergeant in the Marine Corps from 1964-67. He put in…

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