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What So Proudly We Hailed by Marc Leepson

July 24, 2014

Marc Leepson is a Vietnam veteran, historian, journalist, author of eight books, editor of this web page, and arts editor of The VVA Veteran . With What So Proudly We Hailed: Francis Scott Key, A Life  (Palgrave…

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Not a Gentleman’s War by Ron Milam

March 20, 2012

Ron Milam's Not a Gentleman's War : An Inside View of Junior Officers in the Vietnam War (University of North Carolina, 236 pp., $36.95), which was published in 2009, was written in reaction to the…

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MH/CHAOS by Frank J. Rafalko

March 5, 2012

Frank J. Rafalko's MH/CHAOS: The CIA's Campaign Against the Radical New Left and the Black Panthers (Naval Institute, 352 pp., $32.95) is an insider's account of the CIA's 1967-73 secret domestic spying program started by…

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Sisterhood of War by Kim Heikkila

February 23, 2012

Kim Heikkila's Sisterhood of War: Minnesota Women in Vietnam (Minnesota Historical Society Press, 232 pp., $19.95, paper) looks at fifteen women from the Land of 10, 000 Lakes who served as nurses in the Vietnam…

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The Vietnam War Debate by Louis B. Zimmer

February 21, 2012

When you think of the most influential voices in the antiwar movement during the Vietnam War, the names Dr. Benjamin Spock, David Dellinger, Phillip and Daniel Berrigan, Abbie Hoffman, Rennie Davis, Daniel Ellsberg, Jerry Rubin,…

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So, What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing in A Place Like This? by Sandra Lockney Davis

February 8, 2012

Sandra Lockney signed up for the U.S. Army's Special Services Program in 1964 when she was twenty-three. She did a one-year tour in South Korea with the U.S. Army's Special Services, and a second tour…

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David & Lee Roy by David L. Nelson and Randolph B. Schiffer

February 7, 2012

David Nelson and Lee Roy Herron were high school buddies in Lubbock, Texas. They joined the Marines together after college in 1966. They both became officers. From that point on, though, their paths diverged. Lee…

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The Nam ‘Doc’: A Navy Corpsman’s Story by Stan Gerding

February 3, 2012

VVA member Stan Gerding's memoir, The Nam "Doc": A Navy Corpsman's Story (CreateSpace, 158 pages, $16.95, paper), focuses on his 1968-69 tour of duty in Vietnam with D Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines. Gerding, who…

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Black Ops, Vietnam by Robert M. Gillespie

February 1, 2012

The latest book-length look at MACVSOG, the U.S. military's clandestine Vietnam Studies and Observations Group, is Robert M. Gillespie's Black Ops, Vietnam: The Operational History of MACVSOG (Naval Institute Press, 320 pp., $41.95). Gillespie, a former…

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Soldier/Many Wars by Suzanne Opton

January 25, 2012

Soldier/Many Wars (Decode Books, 104 pp., $60) is a book of stark, close-up photographs of active-duty service personnel and veterans divided up into two sections by the photographer Suzanne Opton. One section ("Soldier") is made…

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