Articles Related to Helicopters in the Vietnam War

Looking for Flyboys by Tom Messenger

May 4, 2015

After saying he enlisted for three years in the Army, Tom Messenger takes only eighteen pages to reach Vietnam in Looking for Flyboys: One G.I.'s Journey: Vietnam 1970-1971 (Hellgate Press, 209 pp., $16.95 paper; $4.99,…

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Black Cat 2-1 by Bob Ford

January 31, 2015

It's refreshing to read a memoir by a Vietnam veteran who underwent an action-heavy tour of duty and came home to live a full,  successful life. That's what happened to Bob Ford, who flew Hueys with…

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The Blades Carry Me by James V. Weatherill and Anne Weatherill

January 8, 2015

A footlocker filled with letters and tapes served as the impetus for Jim and Annie Weatherill to recreate 1968 as they lived it in The Blades Carry Me: Inside the Helicopter War in Vietnam (WxillWords Press,…

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Missions of Fire and Mercy and Chopper Warriors by William E. Peterson

May 31, 2014

. William E. Peterson enlisted in the Army at eighteen, signed up to be a Huey helicopter crew chief, and volunteered to go to Vietnam. College bored him, and left-wing professors irritated him. He wanted…

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Aeroscouts in Vietnam by Wayne Mutza

February 1, 2013

Wayne Mutza served as a Huey crew chief, among other helicopter duties, during his tour of duty in Vietnam. His book, Aeroscouts in Vietnam: Combat Chronicles (Squadron Signal Publications, 136 pp., $34.95, hardcover; $24.95, paper),…

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