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David Willson, 1942-2021

July 9, 2021

David Willson, one of the most prolific and accomplished Vietnam War veteran writers, died July 6 at his home in Maple Valley, Washington, at age 79 of multiple myeloma, which was caused by his exposure…

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The New VVA Veteran–For July/August

July 19, 2014

The on-line edition of the new, July/August, issue of The VVA Veteran has just been posted . The cover story is an examination of the strange events leading up to the August 1964 Gulf of…

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Offspring by Michael Quadland

March 16, 2012

Michael Quadland's Offspring (Red Hen Press, 224 pp., $18.95, paper) is a brilliant literary novel, with a gorgeous cover and great design throughout.  Hank Preston is the main character. He is a Vietnam veteran unlike most…

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Diamond on the Wall by Lawrence T. Vosen

March 15, 2012

Lawrence T. Vosen's Diamond on the Wall: Memoir of the Youngest Green Beret in Vietnam (1967-1968) (CreateSpace, 152 pp., $9.95, paper) is a handsome, well-designed book, easy and fun to read. Larry Vosen joined the Army at…

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The Dryline by Jack Grubbs

March 2, 2012

The Dryline (The Small Press, $16.99, paper) is the second book by Retired Army Brigadier General Jack Grubbs in his Seiler Murder Mystery Series, a projected trilogy. Grubbs served two tours in Vietnam and did 35…

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Cammie Up! by Steven A. Johnson

February 25, 2012

Steven A. Johnson served in Vietnam from April 1967 to May 1967 with the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division. Some of the high spots he hit in his tour of duty include Phu Bai,…

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Prisoner of War: Six Years in Hanoi by John M. McGrath

January 29, 2012

Retired Navy Lieutenant Commander John M. McGrath’s Prisoner of War: Six Years in Hanoi (Naval Institute Press, 130 pp., $19.95, paper) is a small book that is divided about equally into text and drawings. Of all…

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That Time, That Place, That War—Vietnam by Margaret Brown

January 28, 2012

That Time, That Place, That War---Vietnam   (Xlibris, 336 pp., $29.99, hardcover; $19.99 paper) is an illustrated reference book that sprang from author Margaret E. Brown's experiences teaching about the Vietnam War by inviting veterans…

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Gotcha: Al Qaeda Strikes Again by Rick D. Cleland

January 14, 2012

Rick Cleland is a former U.S. Marine Corps Captain who served in Vietnam in 1967-1968. His brief novel,  Gotcha:  Al Qaeda Strikes Again (Trafford Publishing, 92 pp., $11.95, paper), is a critique of how the U. S. government…

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My Grandpa’s War by David Volk

January 13, 2012

The narrator of David Volk's children's book My Grandpa’s War  (CreateSpace, 36 pp., $10, paper) is a ten-year-old girl who is nicknamed "Sarge" by her Vietnam veteran grandfather. This is a sweet, positive book, which deals…

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