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Author Query: Vietnam War Nurses

December 6, 2016

Michael Burns, a Vietnam War veteran, would like to hear from nurses who served in the Vietnam War for a book he is writing. If you would like to help, or for more information, write…

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Author Query: Paranormal Experiences in War

April 19, 2016

Author Janet Fitzgerald is doing research for a book on war veterans' experiences with the paranormal. "My interest is in battlefield, or wartime paranormal experiences, " she says, and is looking for veterans who'd like…

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Author Query: Special Ops in Laos During the Vietnam War

July 16, 2014

Retired Army Special Forces Col. Joseph Celeski has started researching a book on special operations forces who worked in Laos with the U.S. ambassadors, the U.S. Embassy Project Evaluations Office, and the MAAG-Laos and Project…

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Author Query

February 20, 2014

Joseph Nasta would like a Vietnam veteran's help in reviewing his novel, which touches heavily on the Vietnam War.  Nasta, a post-Vietnam War veteran, has filled the book with stories based on those he's heard…

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