Veterans Incarcerated and in the Justice System Committee Update July/August 2021

Dominick Yezzo, Veterans Incarcerated and in the Justice System Committee Chair


As the committee continues to investigate the origins of the policy that denies service-connected-disabled incarcerated veterans full VA compensation pension, we have decided to propose a policy change. We believe that since VA disability pensions were awarded prior to incarceration and were awarded for wounds and injuries sustained while on active duty, those pensions should not be reduced while a veteran is incarcerated. Instead they should be placed in escrow until he or she is released. Those funds, available upon release from prison, will help a veteran return to society.

With the assistance of committee members Gary Newman, Don Jones, and Larry Frazee, we expect to present a resolution to that effect at the VVA National Convention in November.

When COVID restrictions are lifted, the VINJUS Committee will continue lobbying in the halls of Congress.

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