Veterans Health Care March/April 2021


The Veterans Health Care Committee met on February 10 via Zoom. We agreed to recommend the following changes to the Health Care Resolutions adopted at the 2019 National Convention in Spokane.

HC-2 Veterans Health Care: To be added and renumbered under Resolved: “Community Care criteria and referrals be appropriately funded in a timely fashion for veterans’ access to care when needed under the MISSION Act of 2018.”

HC-6 Military Health Care: No changes.

HC-7 Participation in the Process of Accrediting VA Medical Centers: To be added under Resolved, paragraph one: “Encourages chapters and state councils to become familiar with accreditation standards currently used by JACHO and CARF and the VA’s STAR Report.”

HC-9 Hours of Operation of VA Medical Facilities: The committee recommends retiring the Resolution as the VA has met the criteria.

HC-10 Department of Veterans Affairs Research: No changes; continue Resolution.

HC-11 Testing for Hepatitis C: The committee recommends retiring the Resolution because the VA has established a protocol for testing Hep C.

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